Kate Mazzotta is an American essayist, political activist, and journalist. Her work explores the underworlds of major cities and the border areas of morality and society, influenced by her own experience growing up in the “border area” of Orlando’s declining middle-class neighbourhood of Belle Isle and the working class neighborhood of Oakridge. In her past work, she has explored the roots of terrorism in society; systematic oppression; and women’s rights in an age of increasing independence.

She won the prestigious Fred L. Standley award while at Florida State University for her writings about Belfast, Northern Ireland, and later graduated with a Masters of Arts in Broadcast Literacy from Queen’s University, Belfast. While in Belfast, she covered the Brexit referendum campaign and its aftermath and produced two 30-minute radio documentaries. She returned to Florida in early 2017, and worked as a community activist and writer.

She is moving to Denver, Colorado in spring 2018, and hopes to return to journalism and radio this year.